Xtreme Sports Medics is a quick response team offering on-track rescue and in-field-of-play medical assistance to any downed participant regardless of the event.

We provide initial care, track-side triage and transport decisions to a medical facility that can be assessed immediately by our trained professionals.

We provide emergency care for all ranges of riders and participants of sporting events (such Manitoba Motocross Association and Manitoba Cycling Association races) and provide medical response for larger events such as the Manitoba Stampede and the Canada Summer Games.




Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professional staff receives extensive specialized training and ongoing training in track-side extreme-sports emergency medical triage and initial care.

This specialized knowledge is not found with everyday street medical staff or other ambulance or medic services.




At Xtreme Sports Medics, we train our emergency medical team specifically for Extreme sporting events.  We have specialized equipment to assess, provide the level of care needed and move riders to our Mobile Treatment Center and Medical Vehicles.

Our team is stationed strategically and deployed on the track and sites to assist competitors quickly without delay.  Our medics ride side by side at events allowing them access to riders in compromising positions.  Our medics familiarize themselves with the various safety gear preferred by riders and are careful not to damage expensive gear in removal for treatment when possible.

We understand Extreme sports athletes are a tough group of individuals who want to get back to racing after taking a fall or being injured.  Our specialized training and protocols helps us determine when an Extreme athlete should continue or when they should stop.  We provide a unique service crucial to the safe enjoyment of Extreme sports.




Fully trained medics who are specialists in patient extrication and emergency pre-hospital care.

Our highly trained medics provide dedicated professional stand-by teams for any event.

Professional uniformed medics with integrated radio communication equipment.

Xtreme medics are ready to respond to many types of emergencies to provide medical assessment and treatment, and recommendations on transport to hospital.

Event Management Risk Assessment and custom-tailored response planning and deployment.

Comprehensive Patient Care Reports, detailed Event Incident Summary, and completion of any required Insurance Reports.




Xtreme Sports Medics can establish a Mobile Treatment Center at any event with support trailers, tents and vehicles as required.

We have a wide range of specially equipped and 'decaled' medic vehicles including:

- Fully Equipped Medical Ambulance-Style Trucks
- Rapid Response Tahoe 4-Wheel Drive Truck
- Specially equipped Rescue Ranger Quads
- Rescue Ranger Quad with tracks for winter snow/ice travel
- Large Tracked Bombardier Snowmachine
- Wide Track Snowmobile with Rescue Sled


Xtreme Sports Medics are trained and equipped to coordinate with STARS Air Medevac Helicopter crews.


When we are not busy being the ‘FIRST TO HELP’ at extreme sporting events …

We also provide excellent FIRST AID TRAINING especially suited for you or your group’s needs.

So, give us a call and let us specialize training for your needs!

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